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Vitamin D Lamp, model D/UV-F
Vitamin D Sunlamp

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The Vitamin D Lamp

The Vitamin D Lamp, model D/UV-F by KBD Sperti
Natural Vitamin D Production with a special UVB Ultraviolet Sunlamp Device

Exposure time with The Vitamin D Lamp is 1 to 5 minutes, and most people do the full five minute session. Individuals will vary, but 2 to 4 sessions per week is common in the winter months. It is powerful & proven effective for generating natural vitamin d in the body with its special UVB rays. This unit is a legitimate Vitamin D Lamp that has been FDA cleared. There have also been multiple studies all with positive results, including a government grant funded study with a major university that has been published.

These quality Sperti units run on both 110v and 220v, they are professionally wired for both USA & International electrical use. When you order online (www.Sperti.com) at the Sperti factory store they will include a power cord to match the country they are shipping to.

The D/UV-F Lamp is ideal for individuals who may not be able to receive either the needed sunlight exposures or tolerate Vitamin D supplemented foods. The D/UV-F Vitamin D sunlamp is an ultraviolet lamp that produces the UVB rays and then your body naturally generates Vitamin D within your body.

It is powerful yet compact in size and is portable. The Vitamin D Lamp does not use magnetic ballasts, it uses electric ballasts to power the bulbs. If you have researched Ultraviolet sunlamps you may have read warnings about 'Magnetic Ballasts', and all Sperti sunlamps are safely powered with electric resistance ballasts.

The Vitamin D lamp is a well-built unit that is easy to use, it comes fully assembled, and Sperti includes a full 1 year warranty on the unit and six months on the bulbs. Also included is two pair of protective UV eyewear.

The Vitamin D Lamp, model D/UV-F includes these features:







12 month Sperti Factory Warranty on the unit and six months on the bulbs.

1000 HOUR BULB LIFE - that is a long time, at least 5+ years

SIZE: 22” HIGH x 12”WIDE x 6" DEEP

15 LBS. (6.8kg)

Plugs into a standard 110v outlet, but is wired for 110-220 volt operation without a converter.

Well built, solid construction, and made here in the USA.

Safe and undamaged delivery guaranteed.

UV output for this unit is approx. 35% UVB, 65% UVA

Note: this unit comes ready to plug into any US regular outlet. However, it is 'ready' to be used overseas as well as it has 220v capacity, so it ready for those living abroad or stationed overseas. We DO ship to APO/FPO military/embassy addresses, and we do ship internationally to individuals. A 220v power cord is available at no extra charge upon request.

Always consult your physician for expert advice relating to any medical condition or treatment. Medical Disclaimer: This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

To view the Owner & Operator Manual for The Vitamin D Lamp - click here.

SPERTI sunlamps are made in the USA and customers can now order factory direct from the Sperti.com online store.
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Our human lifestyle changes within just a few centuries have put most of us indoors during sunshine hours and/or following various 'avoid sun exposure' steps. Our human species obviously didn't evolve that quickly and now more than half of all Americans are Vitamin D deficient. That bright orb in the sky that gives us warmth and makes our food grow is also very important & beneficial to human health. ;) - Sunshine in moderation is good (for most), and the sun's ultraviolet rays - specifically the UVB rays naturally generate essential Vitamin D within our own bodies. The Sperti Vitamin D Lamp uses special bulbs to emit high UVB output of 35%+/- allowing for brief exposure times of just 3 to 5 minutes on average. Common usage times: it has a 1-5 minute timer dial, more conservative users may do 3 minutes, and most do the full 5 minutes. Three sessions per week is the average.

The Vitamin D Lamp
has become popular with certain nutritional lifestyles & diets which can increase tendency towards Vitamin D Deficiency. Restrictions vary and include: no milk (D fortified), some don't eat fish and/or eggs that are rich in Vitamin D, plus a current trend among some to avoid the ingesting of vitamin supplements. If you are among the Vegetarians, Vegan diet, Pagan diet, Paleo diet, Raw diet, and/or others, The Vitamin D Lamp may be a very convenient way for you to get your healthy Vitamin D naturally.


Would you put your potted plants away into a dark closet? No, of course not. Why? .....because if you take the light away they lose their health, fade away and eventually die, ....they need light. - Well, you take light away from humans and we suffer too. However, because it's widespread across the population and it's a tolerable feeling for most, it's almost normal & acceptable. There is a wide range of symptoms and conditions including Seasonal Affective Disorder from bright light deprivation to a wide range of health issues resulting from Vitamin D deficiency. - Not me? HALF of all Americans are Vitamin D deficient, especially in the fall and winter. Simply apply the same logic used to help plants survive and thrive with artificial light, a similar light intervention is beneficial for humans with a UVB emitting sunlamp for the natural Vitamin D process to occur naturally in the skin, and The Vitamin D Lamp was designed and manufactured for this purpose. - Question: do you feel better, and is your health better in the sunny months?
Then it declines to some degree? - The science is there, and now an efficient device exists! Yes, it is an expensive Vitamin D device, but it's really well-made and will last a very long time. The only moving part is a simple rotating timer dial so there is not much to 'break down', a good thing. The replacement bulbs are not too pricey and are pretty easy to replace.

"Assistance Needed?" The Ease-of-Use
Quick answers to most common FAQ's on this topic: - The timer dial is a turn-dial knob with light resistance - okay for old fingers. Then a simple on/off switch that goes up and down. The front display is simple, all manual, easy to read & use. If one cannot read the numbers the manual rotating timer dial can be rotated only to a 5 minute maximum, a common exposure time. Sunburning is very rare primarily because this is not a tanning lamp and only has a 5 minute timer, + a different type of UVB bulb. - Weight is 15 lbs. but it does have a carrying handle. - It has 'gripping' corner pads so it doesn't easily slide. - Protective eyewear is included free (two pair) and must always be worn when using the device.
- Plugs into a standard outlet three prong outlet.

Note: A S.A.D. Lamp
(Seasonal Affective Disorder) is a bright light box, and is much different than this ultraviolet lamp with a special focus on high UVB for natural vitamin d production in the skin. Many people who have SAD also have Vitamin D deficiency unless they are taking a supplement. A S.A.D Lamp will not, cannot, never ever simply because a true SAD Lamp cannot produce and does not emit UVB rays to generate Vitamin D in the body. - The quality bright (high LUX) SAD lamps are good for Seasonal Affective Disorder with dedicated use, the cheap plastic ones break down or flicker often, I can suggest you take a look at Sunbox.com for some high quality units.

An old FAQ
this still is being asked: 'What do you have to say about the "Lizard Light" guy telling people to build their own Vitamin D Lamp with lizard/reptile lights'?
We had dozens of customers and inquiring people asking what we thought of this plan. Apparently lizard light guy and later online posts have enough readers for us to get many calls of anger, frustration of wasted time and money building a lizard light system, apparently there are some problems with this concept turned online instruction. I believe he published a retraction and/or change of plan. Summer Tan Reply: We do not recommend building your own lizard light box as a source for vitamin d. The Vitamin D Lamp and all Sperti bulbs are much different. One wise online blogger wrote (the topic was cheaper alternatives to what I admit are expensive human UVB sunlamps), ..... 'this is not a good place(way) to try and save money',...."I'm not going to risk my health and skin on UV lamps engineered for reptiles, for curing paint, or growing plants."

Transport me now to The Official Sperti Store for online ordering - click here.

The Vitamin D Lamp, model D/UV-F
The Vitamin D Lamp is very easy to use, here is a demonstration:

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