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Due to the economic crash (the American recession that began in 2008) the once thriving & mighty Summer Tan underwent some major downsizing including the closing our Summer Tan online retail storefront. Summer Tan is still alive and well, we just don't directly process customer orders anymore. Instead, we have a new arrangement with SPERTI so that we can continue promoting their quality UV sunlamps.

This is why we currently have this awkward template website designed for an active storefront. Please pardon the mess.

SPERTI (the manufacturer) has an online store where you can now order factory direct. We’ve sold SPERTI SUNLAMPS for over 15 years, and we continue to promote their premium UV sunlamps for sale online at

Although this website may look cheap and/or amateurish, it's just the site template, we still have over 15 years of experience working with UV sunlamps and home tanning products. When the economy recovers we hope to 'fire up the store' again! ;) - maybe 2017.

Steve D.
Summer Tan
Based out of Olympia, Washington.
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Contact information for the manufacturer.

Factory website:

Factory email:

SPERTI Toll Free Customer Service: 800-544-3757
SPERTI Fax: 859-331-0802

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