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has an established history as a sunlamp manufacturer, about 80 years here in the USA, and the last five years have seen impressive changes in Sperti Sunlamp technology. Gone are the single glass bulbs that were mercury vapor type bulbs. They were good and effective bulbs, but they have been replaced and upgraded. In early 2011 all these clear glass - mercury style vapor bulbs were discontinued and replaced. Today's better tanning technology is here. The Sperti units you see are the latest releases with new technology.

Sperti units have all metal housing, solid construction, and the only moving part is the timer dial so breaking one is very hard to do, everything is the best too, custom Sperti bulbs included!

Sperti Sunlamp facts: All models are powerful, professionally engineered and manufactured here in the USA. The manufacturer (Sperti) is still active in the science field of UV Sunlamps & Ultraviolet Light Therapy Applications, particularly UV light for tanning & natural vitamin d production.

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