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A B O U T   U S
Summer Tan began back in early 2000 with the launch of based out of Seattle, Washington. Online shopping was in its ‘early days’ but with the help of some friends at Microsoft we launched

Our specialty has always been home tanning products, and the first product we sold online were SPERTI home tanning lamps. For 17 years we worked closely with SPERTI sunlamps and we sold many thousands of these convenient and effective UV sunlamps for home tanning. – Our next move was to offer an option to UV/sun tanning, and we added a full range of Sunless Tanning products. For over a decade we sold the high-quality Au Courant sunless tanning lotion and their self-tanning product line. - We added a few skin and beauty products over the years, but the next ‘big seller’ turned out to be home Tanning Canopies, which are basically half a tanning bed that is mobile and plugs into a standard power outlet making them ideal for home tanning. – Business was good, but then the recession arrived. Our storefront closed for a while due to the economic depression, but our work and commerce continued, . . . and we are now preparing to launch our latest Summer Tan products. 
Please excuse the temp website, more & better on the way.

We continued our close work with SPERTI sunlamps until September 2017 when SPERTI was sold to new owners. If you arrived here at Summer Tan looking for Sperti Sunlamps – you may visit their official site/store at  (quality sunlamps that are truly effective!)


Au Courant Sunless Tanning products can be found at:


The Summer Tan project is set to launch in 2020.
You can view another of our current projects at:


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