Summer sunshine makes us look & feel better, an undisputed happy fact! Sperti UV Sunlamps provide you with quality sunshine options for both tanning and for natural vitamin d production. You can have access to a personal sun lamp 365 days a year.

The FIJI SUN by Sperti is the best home tanning lamp on market. Its quality & effectiveness is superior, and it is the undisputed best facial tanning lamp available! More than an excellent facial tanner, it has the size and power to be a 'sectional' body tanning lamp also, covering approximately 24" square when you sit at the proper distance. The tabletop stand is angle adjustable to help reach hard to tan areas.

5 reasons
why you will appreciate your Fiji Sun Personal tanning light:

1) You will look better with a tan. A tanned look is a healthier & more attractive look for most. The UV light also helps keep your skin clear by zapping bacteria associated with breakouts & acne.

2) Personal Convenience. You’re in control of your tanning exposure, whether you want light, medium, dark, touch ups, etc., the Fiji Sun is a powerful & portable home unit that you use at your convenience. Example: Have a social event coming up in a few days but no time for a tanning salon visit? If you have 15 minutes you can squeeze in a tan at home.

3) You will feel better. Natural vitamin d production in the body is a nice side effect of UV tanning. Vitamin D is essential for good health. Healthy vitamin d levels = better health = you feel better.

4) Privacy.We’ve already mentioned home tanning convenience, but imagine a smooth tan all over body without tan lines, no backside acne, and no worry about the perv’s hidden spy cams at salons. The Fiji Sun is angle adjustable and sits on any flat surface so you can get those usually hard to tan areas.

5) Economical. Yes, it is an expensive unit, but well-built in America with a factory warranty. It’s going to last many years and provide hundreds of tanning sessions per set of bulbs. The actual electrical cost to run the Fiji Sun is just pennies.

The Vitamin D Lamp
, model D/UV-F, also made by KBD Sperti, this is "The" Vitamin D Lamp.
Make Vitamin D naturally in your body by exposure to the right UVB rays!

VITAMIN D: You can generate natural vitamin d in your body conveniently at home with The Vitamin D Lamp, model D/UV-F, by KBD Sperti. The Vitamin D Lamp is FDA tested, & also medical & scientific studies to confirm its effectiveness in generating vitamin d in the body. Easy to use, brief 1-5 minute sessions. The Vitamin D Lamp will naturally generate vitamin d in your body, fact. Priced at $425. - We have more info & pictures of the Vitamin D Lamp, click here for more.

The PH-36F Psoriasis Lamp is an FDA approved and registered medical device for treating psoriasis with special high UVB output. The PH-36F Psoriasis Light is the only unit we carry that requires a doctor's prescription in the USA (no Rx required in Canada). Treat your mild to moderate localized psoriasis in the privacy of your home. Priced at $389 . - We have more info & pictures of the Psoriasis Lamp, click here for more.

Sunlamp Safety Info:
Sperti Sunlamps have auto-shut-off timers for safety, owner's manual with instructions, and two pair of protective eyewear is always included free. Avoid burning is #1: When you have a home tanning unit you don't have to rush your tan like many do when they pay for full sessions at a salon & want to get their money's worth. Even when people tan at the beach they sometimes overdue it because it's their 'chance to tan'. Overexposure causes sun-burning which is the most damaging thing you can do. You don't have to rush your tan when you have a home tanning lamp, you can use it at your convenience in the privacy of your home.

Sunlamps are our specialty, please take a look around. We have lots commentary, feedback, pictures, videos, & more. Read all about the Fiji Sun Tanner & The Vitamin D Lamp here on our Summer Tan site.

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Sperti Sun lamps for Tanning
FIJI Sun Tanning Lamp
Our Price: $319.95

Vitamin D Naturally

A Vitamin D Sunlamp for Natural Vitamin D

Our Price: $425.95
The Vitamin D Lamp

The is 'THE' Vitamin D Lamp, model D/UV-F. Tested by the FDA, made in the USA, published studies, proven, verified, applauded, easy to use, & it is very effective!
Treat and prevent vitamin d deficiency naturally with UV rays from The Vitamin D Lamp. Treat and prevent Vitamin D deficiency with The Vitamin D Lamp's UVB rays. Aside from getting out in the sunshine, this is the best way to get your Vitamin D naturally via the skin's interaction with UVB rays.